Cicero Provisioning Server

The Cicero Provisioning Server (CPS) is a carrier-grade platform which enables service providers and enterprises to provision, manage and update softphone client configuration settings.  The provisioning server is easy to deploy, simple to use, and forms a highly secure and scalable platform which can be easily integrated within any existing network environment. Its standard-based interfaces facilitate easy interoperability with existing OSS/BSS/self-care systems as required.

The CPS automatically applies configuration settings to the Cicero client application and performs configuration updates at specified time intervals (e.g. on start-up, daily, weekly, monthly). These settings are configurable according to an operator’s specific needs.

Key Features

  • Provisioning profile management
    The CPS supports multiple profiles. Profiles can be created for different service lines (fixed, mobile, cable), user types (residential, SOHO, corporate), geographical locations (country, region) or billing category (pre-paid, post-paid). The profiles are easily managed, with different settings being applied and updated as required for different user groups.
  • User account management
    The creation of user accounts is supported via batch uploads from external systems, web services interfaces (SOAP, REST) or via direct manual account entry.
  • Initial client provisioning
    The appropriate configuration settings are seamlessly provisioned to the Cicero client application following initial installation.
  • Configuration update management
    The CPS manages and maintains updates to client configuration settings. Updates to configuration settings can be set according to an operators requirements, such as on boot-up, daily, weekly, monthly.
  • Client distribution monitoring and control
    THE CPS tracks information on usage and client configuration settings, including software versions deployed, which is easily view through the UI and reports.
  • Reporting & Analytics
    A web-based user interface facilitates access to a variety of information and analysis. This information can be presented in various reporting formats and the reports can be defined according to each operator’s requirements.
  • Web service and systems management interfaces (SOAP/ReST/Authentication/SNMP)
    The CPS is designed to easily integrate with an operators existing systems and infrastructure. The use of REST and/or SOAP allow for easy integration into existing OSS/BSS and self-care systems.

Key Attributes

  • Secure
    Designed as a Linux app server for a carrier environment, the CPS delivers highly secure internal user access and data communications security
  • Manageable
    Includes a simple-to-use, web-based UI to facilitate user account creation, profile set-up and reporting. The CPS also includes SNMP interfaces to allow management by the operator’s own systems management platform.
  • Extensible
    Each operator’s environment is slightly different. The CPS is designed to support individual operator requirements and, more importantly, to accommodate service evolution and growth. As an example, the CPS can be used to manage both Cicero and non-Cicero end points using the same extensible interface.
  • Fast service enablement
    The CPS is very easy to deploy and manage and is designed to slot easily into an operator’s existing environment.
  • Seamless user experience
    From the end-user’s perspective, the CPS facilitates seamless activation and operation of the service and minimises the need for direct customer support.

Cicero Networks Limited registered in Ireland No 324503
Registered Offices: Harmony Court, Harmony Row, Dublin 2, Ireland