Combining VoLTE with other VoIP capability gives operators a distinct advantage

In the interim between current communications infrastructure standards and future states of ubiquitous mobile broadband, operators offering customers voice over LTE (VoLTE) services will be at a distinct advantage. (more…)

Providing intelligent SMS over IP solutions with CiceroInfra

The defining line between SMS and IP messaging¬†is becoming¬†ever more blurred. (more…)

Customisable Android and iPhone VoIP keeps mobile use with operators

Generally, Smartphone platforms are capable of implementing VoIP for conversation. (more…)

Bridging the transition to ubiquitous mobile broadband through fixed mobile convergence

There is unlikely to have been a time in history when technological advancements have occurred at the pace we currently see. (more…)

Android SIP provides seamless VoIP call transition

Around the world the wide availability of wireless internet has created great flexibility and choice for communication. (more…)

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