Rich Communication

Operators are continually looking to find new services that go beyond their current suite of offerings to enrich personal communications for their subscribers. Rich Communication Suite (RCS) and the more recently announced Rich Communications Suite-enhanced (RCS-e) as defined by the GSMA seeks to combine a range of services including instant messaging, file sharing, voice and video chat, to create a more enriched communications experience. RCS-e exploits the capabilities of the next generation radio and switching networks and delivers on the promise of IP-based convergence offered by IMS.

Cicero’s solutions enrich subscriber communications

Cicero believes convergence is not simply about routing voice away from the cellular network, but rather it combines the power of VoIP with other SIP-enabled applications to create compelling new services that deliver real added value to operators and user like. Our Mobile VoIP clients are designed to provide rich communication solutions for operators to enhance their subscribers communications experience.

Extend existing service mix with rich communication

  • Extend/combine existing voice and messaging services to promote increased person-to-person communications
  • Introduce presence-enabled services leveraging the power of IMS

Offer real service differentiation

  • Move away from price-based differentiation based on ever-increasing voice and messaging bundles
  • Increase usage of mobile broadband networks while maintaining existing voice revenues
  • Attract high-ARPU users that value enhanced communication experience

Demonstrate the power of IMS

  • Combine circuit-switched and IP-based services to deliver cross-network convergence
  • Combine applications and services in a secure and quality-ensured environment
  • Prepare for the transition towards next generation of all-IP networks


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