CiceroController is a Voice Call Continuity (VCC) application server which enables seamless in-call roaming between IP (Packet Switched) and Cellular (Circuit Switched) networks. Developed according to the 3GPP IMS specifications it can be deployed in both IMS and pre-IMS networks.

A key requirement in the move towards converged services is that the user experience is enhanced rather than diminished in the converged network environment. This makes VCC one of the key transition technologies in the move towards an all-IP multimedia architecture as it enables users to move between circuit-switched and IP-based networks without any interruption in calls.

CiceroController enables service providers to deliver fixed mobile convergence (FMC) services cost effectively and efficiently.

Open standards – SIP/IMS-based

CiceroController is a SIP/IMS, open-standards platform that integrates easily into a service providers’ existing IMS, IP or TDM infrastructure. It provides a natural migration to IMS next generation networks.

MSC Independent

Uniquely, CiceroController does not require access to a Mobile Switching Centre (MSC) to deliver converged services and is ideally suited to all service providers who want to deliver fixed mobile convergence services with minimal network impact.

Access Network Agnostic

CiceroController is designed to manage voice and other multimedia sessions originating and terminating over any IP bearer – Wi-Fi, 3G and LTE.

Interoperable with Multiple Clients

CiceroController supports all standard SIP compatible VCC-enabled softphones and devices.

Cicero Networks Limited registered in Ireland No 324503
Registered Offices: Harmony Court, Harmony Row, Dublin 2, Ireland