CiceroInfra - Voice Call Continuity (VCC)

CiceroInfra - Voice Call Continuity (VCC)

CiceroInfra is an integrated VoIP and VCC client which intelligently routes calls and messages over the best available network (IP or Circuit Switched). CiceroInfra leverages the native call and messaging applications on the device to provide the subscriber with a seamless user experience.

Voice Call Continuity (VCC) enabled

One of the key differentiating features of CiceroInfra is its support for voice call continuity. This feature enables users to move between IP and CS networks without dropping or interrupting the call. Implemented according to the 3GPP IMS specifications, CiceroInfra enables seamless in-call handover between IP (Wi-Fi/LTE) and GSM or CDMA networks. CiceroInfra’s voice call continuity functionality has been interoperability tesed against the world’s leading IMS VCC application servers.

CiceroInfra also supports SMS over IP and full duplex Video over IP (V2oIP)

CiceroInfra advanced features:

  • Dynamic routing in the handset
  • Voice call continuity between IP and Circuit-switched networks
  • Audio Quality Management
  • Intelligent NAT Traversal
  • Fast Access Point Roaming
  • Wi-Fi Signal Strength Monitoring
  • RTCP Monitoring
  • DNS SRV; Call Logging


CiceroInfra is IP bearer agnostic and works over Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G and LTE networks.

Cicero Networks Limited registered in Ireland No 324503
Registered Offices: Harmony Court, Harmony Row, Dublin 2, Ireland