Voice over LTE

Carriers globally are currently either planning for or deploying Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks. These are all-IP networks designed to increase bandwidth and efficiency.

Today most of the LTE deployments are focused on enabling high-speed data services for customers. The next set of services will most certainly focus on high definition voice and messaging whereby all LTE voice calls and messages will be routed through the carrier’s IMS platform (IP Multimedia Subsystem). As with all new technologies, deployment will take time and ubiquitous LTE coverage is still some time away. To bridge the gap operators will continue to use their existing 2G/3G circuited switched GSM or CDMA networks to offer full service coverage.

Cicero enables Voice over LTE

Cicero’s client software enables carriers to offer both voice and messaging over LTE today. It enables dynamic routing of voice and SMS over a combination of packet-switched and circuit-switched networks including GSM or LTE.

Continuity of service between LTE and non-LTE cellular domains

As LTE networks will be rolled out gradually, LTE enabled handsets will also include a 2G/3G radio in order to provide broad service coverage. Cicero is uniquely positioned to enable operators to leverage their available coverage by supporting voice call continuity - in-call handover - as subscribers move between IP and CS domains.

Cicero supports Voice Call Continuity (VCC) as specified by the 3GPP in IMS Release 7, allowing calls to be transferred between GSM or CDMA and LTE/Wi-Fi when implemented on separate radios.

Opportunities for NEPs

Any vendor that supports VCC and/or converged messaging in a SIP/IMS environment can use Cicero’s VoIP/VCC client to create a compelling proposition for the migration of voice and messaging services to LTE. Cicero’s client software is used to deliver Dual Radio-VCC in a Wi-Fi/2G/3G environments, with voice calls and SMS being routed seamlessly between IP and CS bearers. The solution can be deployed entirely over-the-top, however, the optimal deployment includes a cellular operator using CAMEL or WIN to provide converged voice and messaging services for a single (cellular) number.

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