Cicero Services

Cicero Services

In addition to the General Services provided by Cicero professional services team, the following services are specifically designed to support Cicero product deployments.

Product Customisation

While the Cicero product set offers a wide range of capabilities and supports a wide range of standards and interfaces, each carrier and service is different and, as a result, we offer customers the opportunity to customise the products for their needs. With the exception of branding and access credentials, all customisations are implemented by Cicero Networks engineers within the core product set. This allows Cicero customers to benefit from enhancements made by Cicero on its own account or financed by other users.

Network Integration

The implementation of converged communications involves establishing connections between new and existing network elements. In some cases, the interfaces will already exist; in others, modifications and integration may be required. This is most commonly the case for service activation, where the user must be authenticated before secure SIP/IMS and application settings are delivered to his or her device. The level of integration effort will depend on the specific implementation and the inclusion of the Cicero Client Management System or its equivalent within the solution architecture.

Preparation for Service Launch

For the simplest service, the minimum change required is a re-branding of the Cicero client and a lock-down of the SIP settings to the service provider’s environment. Once the customised client is received, the service provider is encouraged to test it for conformance to specifications and supported in preparing for launch towards the target end-users. For the OTT client (CiceroSupra), device qualification may not be required or may be limited to the most popular or to suspected problem handsets. For the embedded Android client (CiceroInfra), specific work is required both to determine the suitability of each device and, if suitable, to qualify it for service use. Where device qualification is required, this should be considered an on-going task to be performed when new devices and new versions of operating systems are released.

Maintenance and Support

Experience shows that the majority of the effort involved in converged communications projects is committed up-front, however, there is always a need for on-going maintenance and support, particularly given the dynamism of the handset marketplace and technical environment. Cicero’s maintenance and support is targeted at the service provider, investigating and resolving problems that have been reported to the service provider by the end-user.

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