Customisable Android and iPhone VoIP keeps mobile use with operators

Generally, Smartphone platforms are capable of implementing VoIP for conversation. It makes sense for a device with wireless internet capability to use that capability to make phone calls. Of course cellular internet connectivity is still far from being at a stage where VoIP can be relied on in all situations for voice calls. In the period of cross over there is a strong focus on providing Android and iPhone VoIP systems that consumers can rely on for practical voice calling while in areas of consistent internet service. Operators are also looking to offer their customers Android and iPhone VoIP capability in order to appease tech savvy customers while at the same time preparing other customers for a future switchover to VoIP only mobile phone systems.

With the wide availability of Wi-Fi and other wireless internet connections in coffee shops, bars and public spaces it makes sense for customers to use that availability to make voice calls alongside other mobile applications such as streaming music and video. The ability of operators to provide branded VoIP services for their customers relieves concerns operators may have about customers moving away from their core service. It has further benefits for operators of reducing network burdens by offloading calls onto local wireless connections.

Cicero Networks provide a suite of VoIP systems for iPhone and Android devices. Cicero Supra and Cicero Intra both feature customizable user interfaces that can be identified with operator branding to provide an in-company VoIP client. Cicero Supra operates as an Over-The-Top VoIP client. It provides a flexible Android and iPhone VoIP platform that is compatible with a wide range of IP bearers including WiMax, Wi-Fi, 3G and LTE as well as virtual private networks. Cicero Supra also runs on Symbian and Win Mobile operating systems. The application can be downloaded by users via OS based marketplaces such as the App Store for iPhone or Google Play for android as well as from the operators own website or portal.

Cicero Supra provides iPhone and Android Smartphone users a seamless integration with their normal device usage. The user interface replicates their own phone’s standard application and contact information is drawn directly from the stored contact list.

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