Android SIP provides seamless VoIP call transition

Around the world the wide availability of wireless internet has created great flexibility and choice for communication. Smartphone users in particular benefit from the capabilities their phones provide them. VOIP calls can be carried out over local wireless connections. Texts can be sent via internet connections directly to recipients’ email address and vice versa. Using integrated cameras, video calls can also be held. With integrated or over-the-top Android SIP clients (session initiation protocol), one of the biggest problems of using local internet connections for VoIP and other communication systems is solved.

Android SIP clients are beneficial to network operators also. Operators can provide their customers with an integrated “own brand” OTT VoIP service that allows them to use internet connections for calls and transition directly to cell networks within the same call. This means that customers are not only provided with an additional quality service from their operator but they remain with the operator for their service rather than using third party VoIP clients.

The capability to automatically hand off calls to local wireless internet connections can also reduce the burden on operator networks particularly at peak times or in areas of high use or low coverage.

Cicero Networks provide a range of SIP-enabled clients for Android smartphones. These mobile VoIP solutions dynamically provide best possible connections by utilizing available wireless networks including Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G and LTE. Operators can customize the user interface to represent their own brand and incorporate the programs into a comprehensive product package.

Cicero Infra is an integrated client that provides VoIP and SMS services along with Voice Call Continuity for Android platforms. Also available is Cicero Supra which is an OTT application that provides “own brand” VoIP for operators on both iPhone and Android smartphones.

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