SMS over IP

CiceroInfra enables messages (SMS) to be intelligently routed over IP networks (Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE) when available. The SMS over IP client is designed to provide an always-on service using a combination of IP and circuit switched (CS) networks.

SMS over IP client features:

  • Intelligent message routing based on network availability
    • Route messages over WiFi, 3G, LTE or CS if IP not available
  • Leverage native messaging application
    • No change in user behaviour required. Messages are created, sent, saved as drafts using the default messaging application on the device
  • IP bearer configurable
    • Routing rules are configurable so that messages can be routed across different networks and IP bearers based on an operator’s specific requirements
  • Option to use own-brand messaging editor
    • A separate messaging editor for Operators who want to brand and differentiate their SMS over IP service offering

Cicero Networks Limited registered in Ireland No 324503
Registered Offices: Harmony Court, Harmony Row, Dublin 2, Ireland