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Voice over LTE

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2nd August 2014

Voice over LTE – It’s not just for Mobile Operators

While IMS has bedded down and people generally understand OTT and RCS, Voice over LTE (VoLTE) seems stuck in a vortex of hype and misunderstanding. On the one hand, you have Alcatel Lucent announcing that they’ve issued 88 million VoLTE … more >>>

29th May 2014

Joyn broken says survey

Too complex, too limited, too slow. 40 MNOs deliver thumbs-down on GSMA-backed OTT ‘answer’ more >>>

15th August 2013

Mobilise Fixed-line Services to Create More Value

Not only tech-savvy smartphone users recognize that VoIP has the potential to be their primary means of communication. A whole raft of consumers are becoming increasingly aware of not just the benefits but the possibilities of mVoIP and are actively … more >>>

30th July 2013

Innovative mobile VoIP solutions for the transition to LTE

It took surprisingly long for it to catch on but people now recognize the benefits of being able to talk to friends and relatives over the Internet rather than over conventional phone lines. For one it is cheaper. Broadband connections … more >>>

10th June 2013

Forget Walled Gardens - Give Customers What They Want

Discussions on convergence over the last number of years have primarily advocated a world where all services - mobile, fixed, broadband, tv - should be offered by a single operator. As a result single or dual service telco offerings were written off in the belief that people would only subscribe to an operator who could deliver an all-inlcusive bundle of services. more >>>

13th May 2013

Secure Communications with BYOD

The BYOD (bring your own device) approach is a major new trend affecting enterprises of all types and sizes. With BYOD, employees use their own phones, tablets and notebooks to carry out business functions such as telephony, messaging, email, access to corporate LAN within the enterprise. ARCchart expects shipments of BYOD smartphones to rise by almost 175%, reaching a total 343 million units by 2016 representing approximately 36% of the total smartphone market. more >>>

12th May 2013

Cicero Networks Partners with Acme Packet to Secure OTT VoIP Services

Cicero Networks, a leading provider of mobile VoIP and fixed mobile convergence solutions, today announced that it has successfully integrated Acme Packet’s session border controller (SBC) with Tunnel Service Control Function (TSCF) technology into its mobile VoIP client applications…. more >>>

20th February 2013

Com Hem offers app linking mobiles to home fixed line

Com Hem said it has brought out a mobile application giving customers access to their home fixed … more>>

14th February 2013

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