Network Offload

Network offload has become one of the hot topics for operators and the drivers behind it vary by operator type. As network usage continues to increase dramatically and capacity becomes more constrained, offloading core voice and SMS services to IP network environments is a cost effective way of offloading traffic to lower costs networks. In addition, as MNOs prepare for the move to an all-IP future, Voice Call Continuity (VCC) is one of key transition technologies and one of the early IMS applications to ensure continuity of service across networks. VCC essentially enables users to move between circuit-switched and IP-based networks without any interruption in service during a call.

For operators who don’t own their own cellular assets but wish to offer an “always-on” mobile service, providing a Mobile VoIP service which includes VCC for voice off-load between CS and Wi-Fi is a highly compelling service offering. MVNO’s for example can benefit from paying lower fees to their MNO partners and subscribers enjoy the best of both worlds - cheaper or no cost calls in areas of Wi-Fi coverage and ability to roam onto circuit-switched networks as they leave Wi-Fi zones withhout dropping a call.

Seamless hand-off between CS and Wi-Fi Networks

The core function enabled by Cicero’s software is the seamless delivery of mobile voice and messaging across a combination of circuit-switched and IP network environments. One of the advanced features implemented in Cicero’s VoIP client is support for call voice call continuity as the subscriber moves between network domains. Cicero is one of the only vendors in the world today with live VCC deployments.

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