CiceroSupra – Android VoIP

CiceroSupra – Android VoIP

CiceroSupra is a carrier-grade, highly secure, mobile VoIP client application which runs on a broad range of platforms including Android, iOS, Symbian and Win Mobile.

CiceroSupra is designed as an over-the-top (OTT) mobile VoIP client with its own User Interface (UI) which can be branded and customized according to an operator’s specific requirements. It enables operators to offer their own-branded OTT VoIP service to expand their product and service offerings to discourage customers defecting to other players.

CiceroSupra can be distributed via marketplaces such as Google Play and the App Store plus the operators own portal or website.

Simple, Easy to Use

CiceroSupra is intuitive and easy to use. The user interface looks and behaves the same as a standard phone application. CiceroSupra integrates directly with the local phonebook on the device. Users can either make a call by entering a number on the keypad or select a contact from their phonebook.

Reliable, High Quality Voice Calls

CiceroSupra delivers superior quality voice calls by leveraging a range of QoS optimisation techniques, such as QoS monitoring, in-call codec renegotiation and acoustic echo control.

Easy to Deploy

CiceroSupra is very easy to install and use. The mobile VoIP client can be downloaded from an application store such as Google Play or App Store or from operators own website or portal (Android only).

Open, Interoperable SIP Client Platform

CiceroSupra is interoperable with all industry-standard IMS platforms, SIP softwitches, application servers, media servers, proxy servers and IP PBXs.


Cicero Networks Limited registered in Ireland No 324503
Registered Offices: Harmony Court, Harmony Row, Dublin 2, Ireland