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CiceroPhone Benefits

Simple, Easy to Use
CiceroPhone is intuitive and easy to use. The user interface looks and behaves the same way as a standard phone application. CiceroPhone integrates directly with the local phonebook on the client platform. Users can either enter the number to be called using the keypad or select from their existing contact list.

Reliable, High Quality Voice Calls
CiceroPhone delivers superior quality voice calls by leveraging a range of QoS optimisation techniques, such as QoS monitoring, in-call codec renegotiation and acoustic echo control.

Easy to Deploy
CiceroPhone is very easy to install and use. The softphone can be provisioned to the end-user device in a number of ways including: pre-installed by the manufacturer or service provider downloaded from a website, PC or as an e-mail attachment

Open, Interoperable Client Platform
CiceroPhone works with all industry-standard SIP application and media servers, SIP proxy servers, softswitches and IP PBXs. For a fully optimised solution you can license Cicero Controller - VoWi-Fi service management platform - which further extends the call routing, QoS optimisation and network roaming features offered by CiceroPhone.

Own-brand or Co-brand Options
Own-brand or co-brand options are available for service providers, network equipment providers and device manufacturers. Integrate CiceroPhone into your device and you can re-brand it as your own.

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