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CiceroController is an IP Mobility Manager which enables service providers to deliver fixed mobile convergence services by leveraging alternative wireless networks including Wi-Fi, WiMAX, 3G, Bluetooth.

SIP, IMS, Open-standards

CiceroController is a SIP, open-standards based platform that integrates easily into a service providers' existing TDM or IP infrastructure and provides a natural migration to IMS next generation networks. 

MSC Independent

Uniquely, CiceroController does not require access to a Mobile Switching Centre (MSC) to deliver converged services and is ideally suited to all service providers who want to deliver fixed mobile convergence services with minimal network impact.

Access Network Agnostic

CiceroController is designed to manage voice and other multimedia sessions originating and terminating over any IP bearer – WI-FI, WiMAX, WiBRO, 3G etc

Single Device, All Calls

Using dual or multi-mode smartphones or PDAs, subscribers can benefit from using a single device for all of their calls – VoIP, Fixed-line Cellular and PBX –  where calls will be routed over the best available network - Wi-Fi, 2G cellular, 3G - from a cost and quality perspective. 
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