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How it works

1. The user downloads CiceroPhone to their mobile phone or PDA. As simple as installing a new ring-tone, it can be delivered over-the-air, downloaded from a website or transferred over the access point itself.
2. When the user connects to a wireless access point, CiceroPhone automatically registers with an operator’s network. The user is then authenticated and authorised for a range of services.
3. The user places a call using Cicero. The highly intuitive user interface supports both direct number entry and selection from the existing contact list on their mobile phone or PDA.
4. Within the operator environment, when CiceroController receives the call request, it uses the details of both the caller and the person being called to select an appropriate gateway for call completion.
5. CiceroController maintains a complete record of all call activity, including time and duration, for delivery to the operator’s call accounting and billing systems

Importantly, Cicero maintains detailed presence information on its users, enabling the service provider to route inbound calls through the access point. In addition to increasing user mobility, this call termination capability allows the service provider to reduce interconnection costs.

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