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Dublin firm to help fixed-line telcos go mobile.
A young Dublin technology company is developing technologies that will help fixed-line telecom operators to participate in the mobile communications business by allowing businesses to make massive savings on calls by making clever use of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and voice over IP (VoIP)...more>>

Irish firm ranked among top VoIP start-ups...more>>

The Marriage of Two Phones
New technology will abolish the difference between fixed and mobile phones...more>>

Voice over WiFi is coming
Complete Guide to VoIP Services. Want the convenience of a cell phone and the low cost of VoIP? Voice over Wi-Fi is coming soon…more>>

Attack of the VoIP Invaders
VoIP could mean big changes for how enterprises use wireless as vendors seek solutions that mold the VoIP, Wi-Fi and cellular worlds…more>>

WiFi Phones wave of the future
Now that some Wi-Fi "hot spots" have grown into broader neighborhood "hot zones," the next wave is waiting: Phones and … more>>