Secure Communications with BYOD

BYOD (bring your own device) is a major new trend affecting enterprises of all types and sizes. With BYOD, employees use their own phones, tablets and notebooks to carry out business functions such as telephony, messaging, email, access to corporate LAN within the enterprise. ARCchart expects shipments of BYOD smartphones to rise by almost 175%, reaching a total 343 million units by 2016 representing approximately 36% of the total smartphone market (ARCchart).

So it all sounds great, but here’s the snag! While on the one hand BYOD may reduce communication spend within the enterprise by cutting the costs associated with purchasing smartphones, it presents other challenges for the IT departments. In particular, issues around secure communications, app configurations and remote troubleshooting are major causes of concern for the IT teams. Enabling a diverse range of mobile devices to access corporate communication systems without compromising security and service quality is a demanding requirement.

However, as with every challenge, this self-service approach to communications also presents a great opportunity for enterprises. Enabling employees to leverage the corporate telephony system for calls and messaging using lower-cost Wi-Fi networks in the office, at home, at the airport or hotel saves money and increases personal productivity. Who goes anywhere without their mobile phone today!? For employees who work remotely at home offices or serviced offices or who travel for business, routing calls via the corporate PBX from their mobile device offers a highly compelling business case.

Providing an enterprise-grade communications application configured to the corporate telephony system without incurring major IT support headaches is possible for BYOD.

CiceroSupra is an OTT VoIP client which incorporates Tunnel Session Management from Acme Packet to deliver a secure end-to-end communications stream between the mobile device and the corporate PBX. Using TLS/DTLS tunnelling, it ensures that all mobile VoIP calls are totally secure. In addition, the well-publicised IT support headaches are removed as it can be pre-configured for the enterprise telephony platform and downloaded from the App Store or from Google Play. A simple to use, easy to deploy but cost-effective solution.

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