Providing intelligent SMS over IP solutions with CiceroInfra

The defining line between SMS and IP messaging is becoming ever more blurred. Smartphone capabilities mean that text and instant messages are often received in the same context. Message chains are commonly made up of a combination of messages sent by email and by SMS. Providing smartphone users with applications that allow for seamless sending of SMS over IP networks means that operators can ensure users continue to use operator branded services for all of their messaging activity.

Integrating SMS over IP with VoIP software means that both can be provided to users as a convenient package, making them less likely to turn to third party VoIP services as IP connectivity becomes more widespread. By intelligently routing text messages over IP networks as and when they are available, whether Wi-Fi, 3G or LTE, users are given a seamless experience dependent only on leveraging what IP connection is available.

Cicero Networks provide a range of mobile VoIP products for smartphones. Their CiceroInfra product is an integrated solution that enables SMS over IP capability on smartphones. It provides an easy to use solution for users to improve the communication experience of sending text via internet networks. The software can determine the best available network to transmit SMS through. Where internet connections such as Wi-Fi, 3G or LTE are not available it will automatically route messages through circuit switched networks as normal.

In order to provide a completely seamless SMS over IP user experience, CiceroInfra utilises the smartphone’s native messaging applications. Users can create messages, save them as drafts and send them as they would normally do when using SMS.

CiceroInfra also provides operator’s with the option to reconfigure routing rules to suit the operator’s particular requirements. Different IP bearers and networks can be given preference within the client settings. This capability combines with the ability for operators to customize the messaging editor to match their own branding. Operators can then provide a complete VoIP and SMS over IP package as part of their overall service.

CieroInfra also provides voice call continuity, intelligently transitioning between IP and CS networks as they become available without disrupting voice calls.

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