Dublin, Ireland and Waltham, MA - 20 April 2005 

VoWi-Fi Roaming is loud and clear with Cicero and Colubris

Cicero Networks and Colubris Networks announce interoperability enabling VoWi-Fi roaming across multiple access points

Cicero Networks Ltd., a leading provider of Voice over Wireless IP solutions and Colubris Networks, a pioneer of intelligent, multiservice WLAN systems technology, today announced successful interoperability delivering seamless Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi) Roaming across multiple access devices using the Cicero VoWi-Fi solution and Colubris’ Intelligent Multiservice WLAN system.  

Assuring high quality Wi-Fi voice service, from call initiation though to PSTN termination is delivered through a combination of Cicero’s unique QoS optimisation and multi-level intelligent call routing and the voice prioritisation and fast handover features of Colubris Intelligent Multiservice WLAN system.

“Our partnership with Colubris enhances our solution by making it easier for both operators and corporates to offer high quality VoWi-Fi services across a well managed WLAN network,” said Ross Brennan, CEO, Cicero Networks. “Optimal management of available bandwidth is critical for VoWi-Fi services, and Colubris delivers significant advantages in this area.”

Colubris recently became the first vendor to support 16 Wi-Fi calls through a single access device, in independent tests, underpinning their ability to support VoWi-Fi applications on a broader scale than ever before.

“In today’s environment enterprises are striving to stay competitive and productive,” commented Pierre Trudeau, co-founder and CTO, Colubris Networks.  “We are delighted our partnership with Cicero can provide customers with a broad range of applications and services through delivery of best-in-class roaming capabilities and industry-leading ability to scale for high-performance VoWi-Fi.”  

Cicero Networks and Colubris will be demonstrating VoWi-Fi using each other’s technologies at the WLAN event in Olympia, London, April 20-21. Visit their booths - 102 and 809 - respectively to see and hear it in action.

About Cicero Networks
Cicero Networks is a leading player within the wireless VoIP marketplace, developing solutions which enable service providers to offer voice services over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks. Cicero's unique platform-independent solution supports both inbound and outbound calls, which can be delivered at a significantly lower cost than traditional cellular networks. Founded in 2002, Cicero Networks is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland and is privately funded. For further information, please visit www.ciceronetworks.com

About Colubris Networks
Colubris Networks is a global provider of intelligent wireless LAN access equipment and management systems for service providers and enterprises. The company's award-winning products deliver seamless, secure access to broadband services and applications while integrating into existing network infrastructure, security and management systems. Colubris Networks' equipment is deployed by more than 1,000 organizations worldwide. For more information, visit the company at www.colubris.com, or [email protected]

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