Dublin, Ireland - 5th April 2005 

Cicero Networks launches Cicero 2.0 VoWi-Fi solution for Fixed-Line Operators

New version delivers enhanced multi-level call routing and QoS optimisation

Cicero Networks www.ciceronetworks.com, a leading developer of wireless VoIP solutions, today announced the availability of Cicero 2.0,the latest version of its VoWi-Fi solution and a key enabler of fixed-mobile convergence.

First unveiled in August 2004, Cicero is an innovative, wireless VoIP solution which enables fixed-line telcos, cable operators, ISPs and broadband wireless services providers to introduce Wi-Fi based voice services to their corporate and residential customers.  Supporting both outbound and inbound VoWi-Fi calls, Cicero enables operators to both increase revenues and reduce their interconnect charges by routing wireless calls over fixed-line networks. 

“In this latest release, we have delivered significant enhancements to our call routing and QoS optimisation features, said Ross Brennan, CEO of Cicero Networks. “Recognising Wi-Fi users are as likely to turn up in Dublin or London as New York or Honk Kong, operators require a solution that factors the subscriber’s current location into the call routing decision.”

According to Dean Bubley, Founder of Disruptive Analysis "An increasing number of cellular phones will feature a "smart" operating system, like Windows Mobile, Symbian or Palm OS, combined with Wi-Fi connectivity. These dual-mode phones will make the concept of 'tariff arbitrage' very appealing, especially to users who face high cellular roaming or fixed-to-mobile call charges. Cicero's solution should make this type of least-cost routing function much easier."

Using dual-mode Wi-Fi/GSM smartphones and/or PDAs, subscribers benefit from using the same device for all calls (fixed and wireless) when they are at home, in the office or in public hotspot locations.

“Cicero’s integrated, end-to end solution combined with its open, standards based approach which supports both existing and next generation networks reduces total cost of ownership for Operators”, added Ross Brennan.

Cicero Networks also announced today that Talk Telecom has selected Cicero for the launch of its new VoWi-Fi service to the corporate market.

Highlights of Cicero 2.0 include:

End-to-end, integrated solution
Cicero is the only fully integrated, end-to-end carrier class solution for the delivery of voice services over wireless IP networks such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and WiMAX.

Intelligent, multi-level call routing
Reflecting the nature of a nomadic wireless VoIP user, Cicero incorporates intelligent, multi-level routing capabilities by leveraging both client and server side functionality.

QoS optimisation
Cicero monitors the QoS continually throughout the call and intelligently manages the audio stream, reflecting the constraints of the network and device environment at the time of the call.

Unified softphone
Cicero Phone is an integrated softphone which enables calls to be made and received over Wi-Fi or cellular networks.  By using Cicero as the default dialler, no change in user behaviour is required in order to optimise the routing of both inbound and outbound calls.

Existing and NGN infrastructure support
Cicero’s SIP-based architecture supports both legacy and next generation telephony networks, providing a natural migration path for the delivery of VoWi-Fi services within an IMS (IP Multimedia System) architecture.

Distributable, scalable architecture
Cicero is designed to support a highly scalable, distributed architecture whereby Cicero Connectors can be dynamically added and removed at any place within the network. This allows the operator to optimise QoS and minimise the transit and interconnect costs involved.

About Cicero Networks
Cicero Networks is a leading player within the wireless VoIP marketplace, developing solutions which enable service providers to offer voice services over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks. Cicero’s unique platform-independent solution supports both inbound and outbound calls, which can be delivered at a significantly lower cost than traditional cellular networks. Founded in 2002, Cicero Networks is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland and is privately funded. For further information, please visit www.ciceronetworks.com

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