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Polish mobile VoIP deployment offers insights for U.S. operators
A Polish cable operator's decision to launch a fixed-mobile converged (FMC) network that leverages mobile VoIP will have educational and operational implications for cable operators in the U.S., according to the CEO of equipment vendor Cicero Networks.... more >>
Telecoms world pursues three-screen vision of PC, TV, mobile
Fixed DSL and cable operators are anxious to ensure they are part of the mobile revolution and via a deal with Multimedia Polska, Dublin-based tech firm Cicero Networks is leading the charge.... more >>
Cicero in major deal with Multimedia Polska
Irish Technology firm Cicero Networks has won a major contract with Multimedia Polska, one of the largest cable operators in Poland, to enable its customers make calls from their mobiles over Wi-Fi networks.... more >>
Cicero Technology Powers Multimedia Service in Poland
Cicero Networks (News - Alert), a provider of fixed mobile convergence and rich communications solutions, has announced that Multimedia Polska, a multi-service operator in Poland, has launched its MobilFON converged voice and messaging service using the company s CiceroPhone technology.... more >>
For CLECs and Cablecos, Mobile VoIP Not the Enemy
VoIP is often considered to be a third-party threat to operators, running over the top of their networks and sucking up voice traffic revenue by offering free toll bypass for voice. But mobile VoIP can actually be more of a friend than a foe to traditional wireline operators... more >>
The inevitability of Mobile VoIP
It’s an interesting time for mobile VoIP. Just a few months ago it seemed to be a failed business model.... more >>
Wi-Fi Drives Mobile VoIP Growth
Mobile voice-over-IP applications will reach 278 million users, generating $32.2 billion in annual revenues by 2013, a third of that going to reluctant cellular operators, a new study predicts.... more >>
Mobile VoIP's an 'Unstoppable Train'
Mobile operators need to drop the hostile attitude to VoIP and figure out how to make these new services and applications work for them as the industry moves to future IP-based networks... more >>
Vo-WiFi growing rapidly in the Enterprise
Enterprise use of voice over Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi) will double by 2014, according to new research. Smartphones with Wi-Fi will grow from 45 percent in 2009 to 90 percent over the next five years... more >>
Irish Firm brings 1st two-way IP video app to Nokia devices
High-quality, two-way videoconferencing on mobile devices using onboard cameras over Wi-Fi and 3G networks will certainly open up the functionality on all S60 devices, and Dublin-based Cicero, a firm which already specialises in converged comms for mobile, is the first to bring this service to market... more >>
Mobile UC is so European
That's a tongue in cheek headline. Recently I saw a short article that said Unified Communications is so "today" while mobile VoIP (and therefore mobile UC) is so "tomorrow"... more >>
SIP mobile 2.0 and see says Cicero
A Dublin technology company labelled a 'tech pioneer' by the World Economic Forum (WEF) has released a new mobile soft phone that uses session initiation protocol (SIP) to deliver mobile voice, presence, messaging and video across multiple networks including 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, LTE and WiMax... more >>
Cicero Launches Rich Communication Client for Mobile Devices
Cicero Networks has released its converged rich communication client for Nokia S60 and Windows Mobile devices... more >>
Cicero rich communication for mobile devices
Adding Presence, IM/Messaging and Video, Cicero delivers the world's first converged rich communication solution for Operators... more >>
Talking in Packets
It is not a question of if voice over IP or VoIP is going to be the mainstream voice technology for mobile communications, but when. The all IP network offers no alternative... more >>
Top Telecom Industry Predictions 2008
Prediction #1: FMC will make real progress... more >>
Cicero proves converged services aren't Poles apart
An Irish mobile software company that in recent years was labelled a technology pioneer by the World Economic Forum, has deployed the first fixed-mobile convergence service across Poland... more >>
Cicero Networks delivers Polish FMC service
MTI has successfully launched Poland's first converged wVoIP - GSM service using Cicero's FMC technology. LoVo is targeted at the corporate / SME market and delivers... more >>
MTI Offers FMC to Poles
MTI and Cicero Networks deliver Poland's first Fixed Mobile Convergence service... more >>
Largest wireless VoIP deployment in Europe goes live
SIP-centric wireless VoIP goes live in Norway... more >>
FMC: The real deal arrives
While the world was going crazy over the iPhone last week, something that I think is even more significant was taking place in Norway...
more >>
Lyse Unveils Quad Play
Comverse, a subsidiary of Comverse Technology, Inc. and the world's leading supplier of software and systems enabling network-based multimedia enhanced communication and billing services, today announced that Lyse Tele, a subsidiary of Lyse Energi, a Norwegian multi-utility services company, has leveraged the Comverse MyCall® Converged Communications solution to become a quad play provider by adding mobile services to its triple play offering. Comverse is teaming with Cicero Networks, a leading provider of wireless VoIP solutions for fixed mobile convergence, in this deployment... more >>
Velofone selects CiceroPhone for wVoIP
New Velomobile service targets international business travellers with low cost wireless VoIP communication services... more >>
Dual-mode phones and hotspots - the right stuff
The generic pitch goes like this. You walk into a hotspot; your dual-mode (WiFi/Cellular) phone changes to the Wi-Fi interface and that allows you to make VoIP calls. In practice it's not that easy... more >>
New wireless VoIP service launched
The service is based on Cicero Networks' softphone client, CiceroPhone... more >>
Velofone selects CiceroPhone for wVoIP service
Velofone, a UK internet telephony service provider has selected CiceroPhone, Cicero's multimode softphone to power its new Velomobile wVoIP service... more >>
Cheap Calls for All, Maybe
U.K. start-up claims to be able to slash international travelers' mobile phone bills... more >>
Velofone launch wVoIP service to international business travelers
UK internet telephony service provider Velofone today announces the launch its new wVoIP service VeloMobile at London's popular Wireless Event... more >>
Cicero named to the Red Herring 100
Cicero Networks sells software that is installed in dual-mode phones. Its software allows users to roam from cellular connections to Wi-Fi without dropping calls.... more >>
Targeting the next mobile sweet spot
More than 70 Irish software firms recorded annual revenues of €200m in 2005 trying to crack a €900bn global telecoms market, says Jennifer Condon, head of software and emerging markets at Enterprise Ireland... more >>
Cicero named tech pioneer by World Economic Forum
Irish company Cicero Networks has been named one of 47 technology pioneers for 2007 at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Cicero was cited for its work in the area of wireless VoIP products for fixed-mobile convergence..... more >>
Wi-Fi Phones come to Symbian
Softphone maker Cicero Networks has launched a Symbian version of its dual-mode phone software to capitalise on the success of phones like Nokia's E-series against Windows Mobile devices... more >>
Cicero supports Wi-Fi cellular roaming on Nokia phones
Some users of Nokia's combined Wi-Fi and cellular phones will soon be able to make voice calls that can roam between the two networks without dropping the call... more >>
Cicero launches auto Wi-Fi call program
Dublin-based Cicero Networks has released a softphone client which enables dual-mode connectivity on Symbian phones... more >>
Cicero Cracks Handover On Nokia
Ireland's Cicero Networks has released a dual-mode client for the Nokia S60 platform that allows fixed to wireless VoIP handover on more than 70 million phones already in the market... more >>
Cicero steps up wVoIP assault with Nokia
Irish VoIP solutions firm, Cicero Networks, on Wednesday launched a Symbian version of its dual-mode VoIP client software for Nokia's S60 handsets... more >>
Cicero launches Symbian dual-mode client
The voice over IP (VoIP) client, called CiceroPhone, is currently compatible with Nokia's E-series phones, although other Symbian devices may soon be able to support it. The client will be released through operator partnerships... more >>
wVoIP Handsets Taking Off
The Irish company's cleverly named VoIP product, CiceroPhone, can now be hosted by any Nokia S60 series handset.... more >>
Cicero Enables VOIP
Another first to market for Cicero, this dual-mode solution for the Nokia S60 platform uniquely enables seamless roaming between the WiFi and cellular networks... more >>
Cicero wins deal with Swiss mobile firm
Irish Wi-Fi softphone company Cicero Networks has been selected by international mobile roaming firm Comfone AG... more >>
Norsk operatör kombinerar mobiltelefoni och wifi... more >>
Norway gets commercial Wi-Fi/cellular service
Norway's Hello AS has become one of the first companies to launch a converged Wi-Fi and cellular voice service, the company said... more >>
Hello Selects Cicero for FMC
Legends of the Small Screen
Welcome to a converged world... more >>
Wi-Fi Phone Heats Up
Voice-over-WiFi is one of the hottest markets in telecommunications, predicted to more than double this year... more >>
Cicero Mulls Wi-Fi Adapter for FMC Client
Fixed-mobile convergence software developer Cicero Networks Ltd is considering WiMAX among its options for additional network adapters... more >>
ZDNet reviews CiceroPhone smartphone
Windows Mobile Smartphone client gets a big thumbs up with a 7.5 rating... more >>
ZDNet reviews CiceroPhone PDA
Windows Mobile Pocket PC client gets a big thumbs up with a 7.5 rating... more >>
Checked My List Twice
The coolest companies under the tree... more >>
Dublin firm in VoIP-on-mobile alliance with HTC
Dublin-based technology company Cicero Networks has deployed its technology on Taiwanese manufacturer HTC's latest smart phone device and in turn has stoked up a growing blaze of possibilities around seamless convergence between mobile devices and fixed networks... more >>
CiceroPhone converged mobile softphone
It puts voice on Wi-Fi into dual-mode devices - and it works! A CiceroPhone Product Review... more >>
Cicero Launches Softphone to Autoselect Between WiFi and Cellular
Irish wireless technology developer Cicero Networks Ltd will today unveil a software client for dual-mode cellular/WiFi phones and PDAs that will automatically select the best connectivity for a call on the user's behalf... more >>
Converged softphone cuts mobile bills
A new Windows Mobile softphone could cut mobile bills for businesses. Cicero Softphone turns a Windows Mobile Pocket PC device into a dual-mode phone which can send and receive both cellular and Wi-Fi calls through the same dialer... more >>
Cicero claims industry's first converged soft phone
Irish wireless voice over internet protocol (VoIP) software company Cicero Networks has claimed to have developed the industry's first converged soft phone. The software, which will sit on the next generation of mobile devices, supports both wireless VoIP calls as well as mobile calls... more >>
Melding of cell phones and Wi-Fi will be cosmic, man
Back in 1965, Bob Dylan took the stage with an electric guitar, and although some folk faithful booed, the enlightened went, "Oooo, you can combine folk AND rock. Folk-rock, man. Dig it."... more >>
ARCchart reviews Wi-Fi VoIP with Cicero
No sooner had voice over IP established itself at the beachhead of the telecoms industry than wireless VoIP came a knocking at the same door - and until WiMAX or any other wide-area broadband wireless technology gains market traction, wireless VoIP will typically be synonymous with voice over Wi-Fi... more >>
Handsets - the New Convergence
Devices and services that allow seamless hand-off of calls from any network to any other network ?Wi-Fi at home, cellular, commercial hotspots, enterprise WLANs ?may not be widely available for some years. But the idea clearly has appeal, and service providers and handset manufacturers are already taking the first steps to making it happen... more >>
VoIP: Not just about free calls
While price is the main attraction for Europeans, Americans are interested in wireless VoIP because it helps them cope with patchy GSM coverage, says one vendor... more >>
VOWLAN service launched
Irish fixed-line operator Talktelecom Ltd. has launched a commercial voice-over-wireless-LAN (VOWLAN) service, breathing further life into the concept of fixed-mobile convergence in Europe... more >>
Business VoWiFi Services Launches in the UK
Dublin, Ireland-based VoIP solutions provider Cicero Networks today announced its first major telecom provider deployment. Talktelecom Ltd, an independent, fully licensed General Telco Operator also based in Dublin, is offering Cicero's mobile VoWiFi service to its corporate customers, following the completion of a two-month trial... more >>
New Wi-Fi Services for Europe
...Cicero Networks makes plans to introduce voice-over-Wi-Fi... more >>
Cicero in VoIP deal with Talktelecom
Talktelecom, a new operator planning to threaten the hitherto unassailable position of mobile operators by combining voice with Wi-Fi networking, has signed a technology deal with Cicero Networks... more >>
Irish firm to launch VoIP over Wi-Fi
Irish mobile phone users may soon be able to make cheaper calls following the completion of a trial which saw a VoIP service transmitted over a Wi-Fi network... more >>
The Third Way of Convergence
There's a cold, hard inevitability about the integration of wireless LAN with mobile cellular services. They're both cool, right? So why not "converge" them and throw in some VOIP and multimedia?... more >>
Wi-Fi Product Watch
Cicero Networks of Ireland has taken the wraps off CiceroVoice, a SIP-based trial service to put voice over wireless IP (VoWi-Fi) into the hands of carriers... more >>
Voice over Wi-Fi – a killer application for the Enterprise
The adoption of VoIP, the uptake in Wi-Fi technology and the roll out of broadband networks is set to have a disruptive but very exciting impact on the telecommunications marketplace. Add in the omnipresent demand for mobility and Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWLAN) becomes the new killer application... more >>
Wireless: The new hotspot for VoIP
Just as voice over IP is becoming widely used over wired connections, the technology is also starting to crop up on wireless networks as an cheap alternative to mobile phone service… more >>
Dublin firm to help fixed-line telcos go mobile.
A young Dublin technology company is developing technologies that will help fixed-line telecom operators to participate in the mobile communications business by allowing businesses to make massive savings on calls by making clever use of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and voice over IP (VoIP)... more >>
Irish firm ranked among top VoIP start-ups
An Irish company which developed technology that allows mobiles to function as landlines has won a place on a list of up-and-coming players in the VoIP industry.... more >>
The Marriage of Two Phones
New technology will abolish the difference between fixed and mobile phones... more >>
Voice over WiFi is coming
Complete Guide to VoIP Services. Want the convenience of a cell phone and the low cost of VoIP? Voice over Wi-Fi is coming soon… more >>
Attack of the VoIP Invaders
VoIP could mean big changes for how enterprises use wireless as vendors seek solutions that mold the VoIP, Wi-Fi and cellular worlds… more >>
WiFi Phones wave of the future
Now that some Wi-Fi "hot spots" have grown into broader neighborhood "hot zones," the next wave is waiting: Phones and… more >>
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