Combining VoLTE with other VoIP capability gives operators a distinct advantage

In the interim between current communications infrastructure standards and future states of ubiquitous mobile broadband, operators offering customers voice over LTE (VoLTE) services will be at a distinct advantage. Not only will they appeal to those customers who recognize the benefits VoLTE offers, they will also have prepared their customers for the transition to full LTE connectivity.

The development of smartphones has been incredibly swift. The saturation of the market has occurred equally quickly. A very large portion of the population now carries a portable device around with them that has the power of a conventional laptop computer in a form factor small enough to fit in their pocket. Such devices are capable of most any process that is practical to be carried out on such a small device. Watching videos, listening to music and playing video games on the move are all commonly carried out by Smartphone users as they go about their day. The challenge of rolling out universal coverage capable of delivering adequate bandwidth for these applications is unlikely to occur as quickly. Building the cohesive and comprehensive infrastructure required is a more complex operation than supplying an enthusiastic marketplace with smartphones.

LTE connections capitalize on those features of smartphones and other mobile devices such as tablets and laptops by providing bandwidth capable of fulfilling the potential of mobile video, mobile office and mobile gaming. Companies are eager to provide these services, recognizing an enormous market waiting to be tapped. Companies that bridge that gap in advance of universal LTE coverage will be in a prime position to take advantage of the benefits LTE will bring.

While the multimedia capabilities LTE will provide are its most widely publicized features, ultimately high fidelity voice calls are likely to form the core of its application. The nature of other multimedia uses such as video and gaming are still somewhat in flux, how customers engage with those features is likely to change in the future. By providing VoLTE services for customers, operators can ensure a solid base from which to build on going into a universal LTE future.

Cicero Networks provide a suite of solutions for Smartphone systems that intelligently hand off VoIP calls between available networks, preparing customers for the transition to LTE.

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